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Celebrity Matchmaking & Private Date Coaching

Alessandra Conti
Alessandra Conti

Work privately with Celebrity Matchmaker & Dating Expert Alessandra Conti in a love-life changing experience.

With her extensive experience and expertise in the matchmaking industry, Alessandra Conti has established herself as a trusted authority in connecting high-profile individuals and helping them find love. Her strong network and connections in the entertainment industry provide clients with unparalleled access to a diverse pool of potential matches, including celebrities, influencers, and successful professionals. Alessandra's personalized approach ensures that she takes the time to understand her clients' unique preferences, values, and aspirations, allowing her to make highly tailored match suggestions. Her exceptional ability to identify compatibility factors and understand the complexities of human relationships sets her apart. Additionally, Alessandra prioritizes client privacy and maintains strict confidentiality throughout the matchmaking process, which is particularly appealing to individuals seeking discreet and professional matchmaking services. With Alessandra Conti as their matchmaker, clients can expect a dedicated and results-oriented approach, ultimately increasing their chances of finding a meaningful and lasting connection.


With a Client list that is a who's-who of Hollywood, Alessandra Conti helps you take the mystery out of finding and developing meaningful relationships. One of Beverly Hills’s most trusted relationship experts, Alessandra works with Clientele looking to finally understand what is going wrong within their love lives… and how to fix it.

VIP Personal Matchmaking & Date Coaching Program
$50,000 +

1 Private Date Coaching Session
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Alessandra Conti is a Co-Founder & Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City.  Matchmakers In The City is a top certified personal matchmaking firm based in Beverly Hills.  Dubbed by Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, as "The new generation of Matchmakers," Matchmakers In The City works with successful men and women who are looking for committed relationships in an offline, confidential experience.  Matchmakers In The City provides an in-person, all-inclusive matchmaking experience, with concierge date planning, date feedback meetings with your Matchmaker, one-on-one date coaching with our celebrity experts, and high success rate that our team works hard to maintain. 

With no online public profiles or computer algorithms, Matchmakers In The City brings back the human element of dating.  We get to know a whole lot more about you and your matches than just a few photos and witty one-liners.

Please note: pricing at MITC begins at $100 for Basic Membership and $10,000+ for Priority Membership.

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Alessandra Conti Matchmaker
Alessandra Matchmaker
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