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Celebrity Matchmaking & Private Date Coaching

Alessandra Conti
VIP Personal Matchmaking &
Date Coaching Program
$50,000 +
1 Private
Date Coaching Session

Work privately with Celebrity Matchmaker & Dating Expert Alessandra Conti in a love-life changing experience.


Are you feeling frustrated with your love life?  Do you keep meeting men or women who are not looking for a committed relationship?  Have you been on countless first dates that don’t lead anywhere?  Do you keep getting ghosted?  Are you wondering if the person you are seeing is actually interested in you?  Do you wonder where all of the successful single men or women are?


With a Client list that is a who's-who of Hollywood, Alessandra Conti helps you take the mystery out of finding and developing meaningful relationships. One of Beverly Hills’s most trusted relationship experts, Alessandra works with Clientele looking to finally understand what is going wrong within their love lives… and how to fix it.


Over 10 years, Alessandra has helped thousands of single men and women transform their dating lives through Date Coaching by focusing on sustainable change.  If a person who yearns to be in a relationship is single, they have developed ineffective habits that must be tweaked.  Conti works in one-on-one, private sessions to give Bachelors and Bachelorettes all of the tools that they need in their journey from finding “the One” to building a long-term, successful relationship. From what to wear on a first date, to how to meet men or women in real life, to how to get a man to define your relationship, all Date Coaching Sessions are personalized to target a Client’s past problem areas and develop a plan of action for future relationship success.

Alessandra matchmakes exclusively at Matchmakers In The City.

Although she works alongside the team of Matchmakers with all of the MITC Clients, celebrity and high profile Clients can work one-on-one with Alessandra in her VIP program.

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Alessandra Conti is a Co-Founder & Celebrity Matchmaker at Matchmakers In The City.  Matchmakers In The City is a top certified personal matchmaking firm in Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.  Dubbed by Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, as "The new generation of Matchmakers," Matchmakers In The City works with successful men and women who are looking for committed relationships in an offline, confidential experience.  Matchmakers In The City provides an in-person, all-inclusive matchmaking experience, with concierge date planning, date feedback meetings with your Matchmaker, one-on-one date coaching with our celebrity experts, and an 8 out of 10 success rate that our staff works hard to maintain. 

With no online public profiles or computer algorithms, Matchmakers In The City brings back the human element of dating.  We get to know a whole lot more about you and your matches than just a few photos and witty one-liners.

Please note: pricing at MITC is substantially lower than working with Alessandra exclusively as a VIP Personal Matchmaking Client.

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Alessandra Conti Matchmaker
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